The Navajo Nation Code contains general and permanent provisions of the Resolutions of the Navajo Nation Council. The Code is divided into twenty-six titles, each covering a seperate subject. These titles make up the laws and are subject to amendments by the Navajo Nation Council. The Navajo Nation Code has supplemental provisions along with additional enactments, revisions, developments, and new laws for the Navajo Nation. These continuous developments of the Navajo Nation Code reflect the continuing progress of the Navajo Nation towards a progressive and strong government. The titles include:

Title I (1) - General Provisions
Title II (2) - Administration of Tribal Affairs
Title III (3) - Agriculture and Livestock
Title IV (4) - Environment
Title V (5) - Commerce and Trade
Title V (5a) - Navajo Uniform Commercial Code
Title VI (6) - Community Development
Title VII (7) - Courts and Procedures
Title VIII(8) - Decedents' Estates
Title IX (9) - Domestic Relations
Title X (10) - Education
Title XI (11) - Elections
Title XII (12) - Fiscal Matters
Title XIII (13) - Health and Welfare
Title XIV (14) - Navajo Nation Motor Vehicle Code
Title XV (15) - Labor
Title XVI (16) - Land
Title XVII (17) - Law and Order
Title XVIII (18) - Mines and Minerals
Title XIX (19) - Parks and Monuments
Title XX (20) - Professions and Occupations
Title XXI (21) - Public Utilities and Communications
Title XXII (22) - Water
Title XXIII (23) - Conservation and Wildlife
Title XXIV (24) - Taxation
Title XXV (25) - (Reserved)
Title XXVI (26) - Navajo Nation Governance Act