Hello Everyone! We hope to find everyone in good health, if not in good cheer. Just to let you know where were at with " The Best Loved Calendar in Navajo History. Just like you, we've been anticipating the completion of the calendar. The Printers have been taking their sweet __ __ __ time. But the good news is that the calendar will be printed and delivered to our place of business here on Wednesday, the 27th of August. Again, we did our best to get the job done. The girls are pretty and their all from the rez. I

f you didn't know we chose Robin Begaye of Chinle to be our cover girl. We are also printing a WOTN poster which features Desire'e Yazzie of BLack Mesa, AZ. So far we have over 1000 orders from our dedicated and loyal distributors. I'll mention their name because they have been great to us. They are Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise, Drum Beat Indian Arts and Crafts (in Phoenix) 16 St. and Indian School, east of Phoenix IMC, Navajo Travel Center, 50 miles east of Holbrook on I-40, and Navajo Nation Inn. So , if you're in the vicinity of any these fine establishments, make sure you pick up your copy of the calendar and buy whatever their selling. Give them some of your hard earned money. Our gorgeous models will in the Navajo Nation Fair parade on Saturday, the 6th of September. After that, they will be available to sign your calendars in Gorman Hall inside the fairgrounds.

Their all sweet and they would love to see you. We would like to give you a peek and the poster that features Desire'e Yazzie of BLack Mesa, AZ. Its a colorful poster 18x24". There are still some of the 2003 posters available too. To see the 2003 WOTN poster, visit www.swmarketing.net . Visit our website after the fair, we will post some images of our booth, to give you an idea of what you may have missed. Well that's all folks, we would like to meet you at the Navajo Nation fair. I'm going to put on my best "Go to Town' clothes for the fair. Southwest Marketing Staff